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Community Treasures – Day Program

Community Treasures is the newest program to be added to the GMS family of services. This day program caters to individuals living with intellectual disabilities and autism.

Community Treasures creates an environment where individuals can step back and design the road map to their service, and how it will make a difference for them in their lives. Individuals are encouraged to explore areas they are interested in and develop relationships to enhance a mutual interest, while also working on areas that they currently may need support with.

Community Treasures will weave into each day opportunities in the community in which individuals live, work and play. Some examples are:  community gardens where we harvest vegetables for healthy cooking; we grow flowers and herbs to create dye for fiber art projects. The intention of the program is to bring each person’s talents, interests and abilities together to create a place of growth and teamwork.

Support provided: 

  • Direct support professionals provide coaching and mentoring during all aspects of the day.
  • We work with other service providers to enhance the team approach in striving for excellent service.
  • Opportunities for people to line up the pieces that service providers offer to best meet their hopes and dreams.



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