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Administrative Office

GMS Administrative Office

15 Saunders Way 500-G
Westbrook, Maine 04092

Mailing Address: PO Box 1280, Westbrook, Maine 04098

Phone: 207-523-5170
Fax: 207-854-1787

GMS Administrative Team

Senior Team

Executive Director: Ann-Marie Mayberry; ext. 107
Associate Director: Terri Scott; ext. 109
Director of Human Resources: Matt Giesecke, MS, LSW, SHRM-CP; ext. 101

Quality Assurance Department

Director of Projects & Compliance: Jess Harmon; ext. 104
Service Coordinator: Nicole Dudley; ext. 123

Finance Department

Finance Director: Barbara Kerley; ext. 112
Accounts Receivable Specialist: Catherine Patrie; ext. 122

Human Resources Department

Fax: 207-289-7029

HR Specialist – Payroll & Benefits: Shyla Brooks; ext. 110
HR Specialist – Recruitment & Employee Records: Stacey Smith; ext. 111

Nursing Department

Sr. Nurse Educator: Breckon Anderson, RN; ext.103
Nurse Educator: Jennifer Courtois, RN; ext. 113

Training Department

Training Manager: Kelly Walcott; ext. 118
DSP Educator: Steve Bijoga

Residential Department

Director of Residential Services: Darnell Tudela; ext. 141
Residential Manager: Bethany DeLorenzo; ext. 108
Residential Manager: Ryan Brown; ext. 119
Residential Manager: Shelly Sawyer; ext. 192
Residential Manager: Sano Masua; ext. 157

Shared Living Department

Director of Shared Living: Bobby Dion; ext. 140
Lead Shared Living Coordinator: Bob Duranleau; ext. 346
Lead Shared Living Coordinator: Abbie Tanguay; ext. 161
Lead Shared Living Coordinator: Pam Belisle; ext. 120
Shared Living Coordinator: Sarah Singcharern
Shared Living Coordinator: McKenzie Allen; ext. 190
Shared Living Coordinator: Bethany Morse; ext. 121
Shared Living Coordinator: Julianne Vance
Shared Living Administrative Assistant: Peter Mauro; ext. 162

Case Management Department

Assistant Associate Director: Bridget McCabe; ext. 106
Case Manager Coordinator: Erin Vogel, LSW; ext. 115
Case Manager: Marty Golden, LSW; ext. 117
Case Manager: Tammy Ryder; ext. 102
Case Manager: Glenda Wilson, BSW; ext. 126
Case Manager: Daniel Knight; ext. 170

Day Program and Career Planning

Community Treasures Program Manager: Michelle Girard-Lynds; ext.114



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