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Mission Statement

The mission of this committee is to advise and make recommendations to GMS Administration and/or the board.  These recommendations will be designed to improve supports in all service sections at GMS.


Core Values

*Educate & Learn:  The Committee will gather information to educate ourselves & learn about issues from others.
*Listen & Advocate: The Committee will encourage all to share their ideas, be open-minded, listen  & advocate for the GMS Community.
*Respect: The Committee will treat people sharing ideas and information in a positive & professional manner.  Ideas & people will be treated with dignity & respect.


We welcome your feedback and ideas!

Contact us here

The Ideas Matter Advisory Committee will review your comments at regular meetings and decide how to best address them.  We appreciate your idea!

Meeting Norms and Expectations

  • WE WILL BE PUNCTUAL AND PREPARED, be on time, start on time, end on time
  • WE ARE ALL EQUAL MEMBERS OF THIS COMMITTEE, no one is more or less important regardless of our role.
  • EVERY MEMBER’S CONTRIBUTION IS IMPORTANT; we will actively listen to others when they are speaking and will not interrupt, we will wait our turn to speak, we will all have an opportunity to speak, we will not pay attention to our cell phones unless an emergency is expected.
  • WE WILL SPEAK FOR OURSELVES and not volunteer other’s or speak for someone else.
  • WE WILL BE INVOLVED to our individual level of comfort. Each of us is responsible for airing disagreements during the meeting rather than carrying those disagreements outside the board meeting.
  • WE WILL STAY ON TOPIC according to what is being discussed.
  • WE WILL BRING POSITIVE ATTITUDES and be ready to share ideas and thoughts.
  • WE CAN ASK QUESTIONS or ask for help (in the meeting, via e-mail, or drop by the office).
  • WE WILL DO OUR BEST TO Attend all Advisory meetings, let someone on the committee know to report for you if you are unable to attend.

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