Targeted Case Management for Children (TCM)

For more than thirty years GMS has provided support services tailored to meet the needs of individuals with intellectual disabilities. More recently, we expanded our Case Management Department to include Targeted Case Management (TCM) to serve children with intellectual disabilities and Autism Spectrum Disorders. Part of our mission is to educate, assist and empower people to navigate the array of services and supports available to them. We work closely with clients, guardians, family members, agencies, caseworkers and other advocates. As a result, we can offer services to meet the specific needs of each individual.

GMS Targeted Case Management Services include:

  • Professionals with experience in crisis and developmental services
  • Completion of the Child and Adolescent Needs and Strengths assessment
  • Individualized service planning
  • Coordination with all stakeholders (i.e. providers, family, teachers)
  • Participation in school meetings
  • Assistance with access to needed services
  • Coordination of healthcare and psychological services
  • Providing support through active listening, encouragement, and focusing on strengths
  • Support with crisis intervention

Targeted Case Management at GMS is designed to meet the needs of clients through an individualized and collaborative approach. Our TCM staff are committed to supporting each person served by assisting in the development or maintenance of a comprehensive spectrum of services. Individuals and families are provided with options and encouraged to make independent choices which best meet their needs and desires. All services are designed to encourage the highest level of home and community independence in the least restrictive way. We believe that early recognition and intervention are essential in healthy development and may reduce the need for support later in life.

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