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Important Update for anyone attending training’s at GMS.
All GMS training cancellations will now be listed on WCSH 6 news. Please watch WCSH 6 or check for cancellation announcements.

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COLLEGE OF DIRECT SUPPORT — Classroom Training  $100.00

GMS offers the twelve hour classroom training required to obtain CDS certification. Our class offers activities, games, and lively discussion groups designed to ensure all DSPs receive the most from their College of Direct Support Training! If you are an agency requiring a CDS administrator please contact Kelly Walcott at 207-517-3182 for more information.

CERTIFIED RESIDENTIAL MEDICATION AIDE — 3 days/24 hours class $250.00

This state approved course is required for Direct Support Professionals who are responsible for the administration of medications. Discussion topics include regulations and procedures, side effects of medications, precautions, handling and storage of medication, rights and safety of the consumers and documenting appropriately. Participants will learn safe and appropriate methods of administering medications. Participants will be required to attend all three days and pass a test on the final day. Additional requirements: must be 18 years of age or older, must possess a high school diploma or GED, and must be currently employed by a facility where the class participant is able to complete the required medication passes. Also included in the price is an optional study group between days two and three. This is optional but highly recommended for those who need assistance and extra practice before testing on day three. Price includes the three med passes required for certification.


This class is designed for those who have already completed the CRMA 24 or 40 hour class and are in need of their recertification. Participants should already be able to transcribe orders onto the MAR with 100% accuracy. This class will require participants to transcribe orders onto a mock MAR and demonstration of skills through a mock medication pass and completion of a test with at least 80% correct.  Please also bring a copy of your current CRMA certificate and a valid photo ID.


This course is for people who administer medications only in Shared Living or Family-Centered Home Support settings funded under MaineCare section 21. This course is for the primary home provider as well as any others who administer medication only to the people living in the home. Anyone who is paid to administer medications in other settings is not eligible to take this course.  This course applies to both types of settings. Upon successful completion of this course, you will be certified to administer medications to people who live in Shared Living or Family-Centered Home Support. You are not certified to administer medications to anyone else. If you work in another setting with other individuals, you need to take a more comprehensive medication administration course and be certified as a Certified Residential Medication Assistant (CRMA).


This is a three-hour course with an RN to review key objectives from the full course, transcription and a mock med pass.


This class is in compliance with state regulation 7.1.4. Topics include diabetes, diabetes prevention, signs and symptoms of hyper or hypoglycemia and the treatments, proper nutrition, insulin administration, appropriate ways to test blood sugars, rotation of insulin sights, and epi-pen administration. Best practices for seizure related care are reviewed.

Adult Only FIRST AID & CPR (American Health and Safety Institute) — $40.00

This class is a combination of lecture, video, and hands on participation in order to best teach the participants to respond to cardiac and other health related emergency situations. Topics include warning signs of heart attacks and strokes, rescue breathing, CPR, and foreign object airway obstruction for adults, children and infants. Participants should dress in clothes that will allow for flexibility and movement, as the class includes both desk and floor work. This certification is good for two years for both CPR and First Aid.


GMS has partnered with Prep Clean to teach participants about bed bugs, prevention of them and proper techniques to get rid of them.

MANDT — $185

2 day Mandt class includes chapters 1-3 and 7-9


1 day class

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